JUJU-114 JUJU-114 酒と契(ちぎり)と男と女 酔いが回って夢路を辿り…やめてやめても好きのうち。あゝ酒と刹那に酔いしれて、快楽貪る悲しき女の酩酊人生。40人8時間

ID: JUJU-114
Release: 2016-10-30
Length: 120min
Studio: 熟女JAPAN/エマニエル
Publisher: 熟女JAPAN

JUJU-114 Introduction

The japanese av actress participating works 酒と契(ちぎり)と男と女 酔いが回って夢路を辿り…やめてやめても好きのうち。あゝ酒と刹那に酔いしれて、快楽貪る悲しき女の酩酊人生。40人8時間,this work's id is JUJU-114, which made by 熟女JAPAN/エマニエル and issued by 熟女JAPAN.It is about 120 minutes long.This work is classified as DMM ExclusiveMature WomanMarried WomanOver 4 Hours、 The work will be released in 2016-10-30.(图片仅供参考)

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